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My Guitar gently weeps…

(Obituary in Times of India, Pune on 1st Dec 2000 )

"Something", "Here comes the sun", "While my guitar gently weeps" were some of the songs that went through my mind as I slowly recovered from the shock on hearing of the death of one of the world's greatest guitar players/composers and former Beatle, George Harrison. The SMS from a close friend in London arrived at 2 pm and within minutes, there was a call from Nissim, my guitar playing cousin in Hawaii. As we fumbled for words to express the sense of loss we felt, we recalled his numerous visits to India and his intense love for its music and spirituality that he had embraced wholeheartedly. One of India's greatest friends was no more! His 'Ravi Shankar" days, 'Maharshi Mahesh Yogi', 'the visit to the ashram at Rishikesh', 'the concert for Bangla Desh' were just some of the memories that immediately sprung to mind besides the incredible solos that used to feature in every Beatle song.

Truly an amazing maestro on the guitar, George was a perfect foil for the Lennon-McCartney team. He was a trifle underrated because of their massive talent but who else could step into those shoes and off set the lyrics they were singing, and play a perfect solo in the midst of all that! In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated with music and that is what I will be doing tonight at the "Not Just Jazz by the Bay" as I sing one of the songs of this amazing composer/guitarist. May his soul rest his peace.

Nandu Bhende

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